Interview with Hakan Şentürk

For this conference Hakan was presenting a workshop entitled ‘Dogme 2.1: Using Springpad to Create an Online Coursebook for the Dogme Classroom

Dogme ELT, Hakan notes, is considered to be an approach to language teaching that encourages teaching without coursebooks and focuses instead on conversational communication between the teacher and the learner. The place of technology in the Dogme movement has been a long debated topic. However, with the help of online technology, it is possible to create meaningful Dogme techniques in the classroom. In his presentation, he showed how an online notebook can become a perfect tool for the Dogme classroom. In this way, Hakan bravely attempted to bring together the two themes of the event in one session. You can view Hakan’s presentation here.

He was kind enough to speak to me about his presentation the day before:

Adam Simpson for the roving reporter team