Registration fee for the whole conference is £ 35 and it includes tea, coffee and lunch on both days.

Please note that single day attendance fee is not available.



24 thoughts on “Registration

  1. I’m fourth grade student at METU FLE.Now, I request an approval for my registration at Teacher Dev. SIG & Learning Technologies SIG joint conference on 26-27 May 2012. Thank you.

    • Hi Derya,

      We will offer accommodation in the campus. You can find information about it next week in the Accommodation page of this website.

      Looking forward to meeting you in May:)


      • Thank you very much. I stayed there last year for İstek Conference and the staff were very hospitable. Looking forward to the conference time:)

    • Dear Özlem,

      Can you check the link again? It works on my computer and I’ve just got a message that one of my friends has registered online. Please contact me again if the problem persists.



    • Hi Didem,

      Can you send me an email ( and tell me about the problem so that I can help. Thanks:)


  2. Hello Burcu hocam,
    I have just made my registration, but that credit card payment page said it was DECLINED, and on the next page it said THANKS FOR REGISTRATION.
    So, am I registered now?

    • Dear Tuba,

      If the credit card payment has been declined, it means that your name is in the registered people list but in the ‘unpaid’ category. So you need to make the payment in order to complete the registration.

      Please get in touch with me via email if the problem persists. (

      All the best,


  3. Hi again, that problem does not persist, but there happens to be another and bigger problem. I completely forgot about my sister’s graduation ceremony which is on 26 May 2012. So now it is impossible for me to attend the conference. And another point is the accommodation reservation. How can I take it back?


  4. Dear Burcu,

    I can not register for the IATEFL conference. I have tried three times. It says ‘your card has not been charged.’ I tried with another card and asked the bank, and they confirmed that I can use the virtual card linked to main credit card. Thank you for your help.

    • Dear Gülnur,

      If you still haven’t registered, can you send me an email? (



    • Hi Özlem,

      Since IATEFL Head Office handles these details, can you please contact Ms. Eleanor Broadbridge from IATEFL (

      Thank you.


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