Interview with Erika Osváth

I met Erika on twitter and EU_educators on faceboook. It was a great pleasure for me to meet her in person and had an opportunity to chat. I am also very glad that she accepted to be interviewed so my heartfelt thanks go to her and Adam Simpson who offered to help and videoed the interview.

Erika Osváth is a  teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in Budapest, Hungary, living with her husband and two daughters. While doing her maths studies at university in Romania, she started learning English on her own and later at International House Timisoara. And two years later she became a teacher of EFL. 
Erika loves experimenting, learning about new ways of doing things to be able to cater for both her students and trainees best, and believes in the power of sharing. 
She has done several talks, presentations and workshops at local and international ELT conferences since 1995 and she thoroughly enjoys the inspirational atmosphere of these events.

Eva Buyuksimkesyan for the roving reporter team


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