Interview with Workshop Presenters; Valentina Dodge on “Tech NO overload”

Q: What were the key words in your workshop?

Irrigate – Manage – Control , Stream and Regulate the flow.

Make it work for you (for your learners) i.e. Personalise

Create online environments that help you / your learners grow.

 Q: Can you summarise the main idea of your workshop?

(Picture taken from Valentina’s Presentation)

  •  Irrigate your professional development by joining the online discussions that are going on but remember to be selective. “Follow” other like-minded educators on twitter, diigo or linkedin – this two-way “virtual” interaction can help exchange ideas with a wider group. However, “manage” this flow of online “liquid energy” so it energises rather than swamps. Choose which tweets, what interaction and how information is shared. Be in control!
  •  Learn to filter the flow e.g with hashtags such as #istconf , #iatefl, #eltchat. Less is often more.
  • From tsunami to ripple. If each drop of information or communication online is to have value we need to ensure it has a ripple effect (for both teachers or learners) rather than feels like tsunami of information.
  • Set up personalised online environments that can extend the lesson solearners can engage in relevant discussions (between one face to face lesson and the next).
  •  Use online environments e.g. English360 which allow you to co-construct courses for blended delivery in a bottom-up organic way rather than overloading learners with “more” online homework and mechanical tasks. The online environment needs to be about them, an area where they can reflect, share and grow. Create personalised online areas where “messy” tech can support learning together.

Q: What did you learn while getting ready for your talk (during reading, researching, putting ideas together…etc.)?

That not all teachers apply the same levels of logic to their online accounts as they do the way they organise their desk, bags or fridges. Often we let the software lead us. Educators need to invest time in getting a feel for a tool , checking settings and making it work for them.

It’s amazing how many teachers are doing brilliant things with technology – from Glogsters to Pbworks, from Vocaroo to Jing but often in our enthusiasm we start too many accounts, sharing multiple links or having too many areas and different tools. This can lead to password fatigue, confusion and overload. Keeping things simple is key.

Q: Do you have any suggested links to the readers of the conference blog about your focus in your workshop?

The tools I showcased and discussed were:

For more send me a tweet @vale360

Valentina was also kind enough to speak with Adam Simpson immediately after here presentation.

Thank you so much Valentina….


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