Gulliver’s ELTravels with Patrick Jackson

‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ said Patrick Jackson when he started his talk.

Reminding us both language and technology are just tools, he examined how things might go wrong.

He listed some reasons.

  • Motivation is the key element.
  • Passion — He believes teachers are servers. Instead of complaining about our learners or blaming the students or the systems, we should serve. Yet, he reminded that we shouldn’t become slaves!

And what can we lear from seagulls?

They catch whatever you throw them but they never want to share. We, teachers, however should share. Seagulls don’t always flap. Flapping constantly while flying is a tiring job and it’s waste of energy.

Patrick also advised the teachers to evolve as teaching/learning is possible with or without technology.

Eva Buyuksimkesyan for the roving reporter team.


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