We Need to Get Back to Our Roots

The second day of the IATEFL TD&LT SIG Event started with JJ Wilson’s tech free, lively plenary.

It was such a powerful session that led all of us to our roots. All the activities he shared were great ways for reflecting on our teaching, our own personalities. Even at the end of the session I ended up writing a poem each line of which started with I’m from.

First we were told to think about 10 most powerful images from our backgrounds and then he asked us to complete our I’m from poem. The poem I came up with was a little bit sad, full of sorrows, yet hopeful and cheerful. Then he said whatever we had in the poem is with us in the class. It was kind of a rediscovery and it was a great way to remind us that we carry our suitcases with us everywhere and even to our classes.

He also pointed out that by finding out where we are today as professionals, we will set goals for tomorrow.

In the end we all had colourful balloons and we wrote a piece of advise on our balloons then threw them in the air, we caught the balloons and if we liked the advice on it we threw it once again to the crowd to be caught.

When we left the room, most of us had a just finished a journey to their childhoods and ready to plan for the future.

Eva Buyuksimkesyan for the roving reporter team


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