Using Interactive Whiteboards – Daniel Martin

Daniel gave us a task to spot the IWB. It is interesting to learn that I-Pads, Smartboards and and smart phones are Interactive boards. However, he emphasised that the real interaction is in the students’ minds.      

Daniel warned us not to overuse the boards. He advised us to take advantage of other Technologies at our disposal, because the board is just a tool.

Can IWB bring a revolution to language teaching?

He says he does not think so. I could not agree more. If we don’t have the right learning environment, technology does not work.  He adds that the real revolution is effective domain of teaching. It fosters creativity.

IWB is helping us saving time in the long run, collaborating, extending the classroom (open the Windows), recycling and reshaping. Thanks to David for his examples of, reading maze and hyperlinks.

Gülnur Şahin for the Roving Reporter Team


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