Learning and Unlearning teaching: Marisa Constantinides

I have learnt from Marisa that it is difficult to learn a language, so we must be Creative. We must Connect some skills. Collaboration also essential for learning the language. We need to instruct, manage and elicit language from learners.

What are some qualities of outstanding teaching?

Change is one factor for an outstanding teacher, but how can we change for ourselves? First we must have a desire to change. In order to change we have to change Complacency, Comfort Zone and Lack of Curiosity.  You can visit http://marisaconstantinides.edublogs.org/2010/02/14/what-kind-of-teacher-are-you-are-you-in-your-students-hall-of-fame/

Maria also mentioned the kind of baggage a teacher carries. They are learning experiences, current state of knowledge, current state of development, perceptions of our role as a teacher. The baggage we carry is related to our attitudes to classroom issues e.g.  attitude to errors. It will affect Teacher talk as well. TT is about amount, quality, purpose.

There are bloks to learning. These are :values, self-perception, self-image, strategy bloks.

To sum up, Change is a key with or without technology

Marisa also mentioned some projects. These are:

APLANET PROJECT: There will be someone who will help you how to use twitter for your teaching. A power is in the connection. The idea of the concept behind this is the quality circles.

#ELT CHAT: You may join the twitter account. Every Wednesday at 12:00 and 11 pm. There are 2 online conversations to open up our horizons.

Gülnur Şahin for the Roving Reporter Team

(Special thanks to my colleague Inci for helping me by taking  all the photos)


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