Interwiew with Workshop Presenters; Gorsev &Volkan Incecay on Use of Twitter in Foreign Language Classroom

Gorsev and Volkan gave a workshop about using twitter as a medium for improving teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

They kindly accepted to respond to couple of questions.  Enjoy 🙂

Q: What were the key words in your workshop?

The main key words are; Twitter for language learning, language skills, benefits of twitter for ELT & teacher development, TPCK (technological pedagogical content knowledge)

Q: Can you summarise the main idea of your workshop?

The main idea of the workshop was to encourage teachers to use twitter so the language teaching & learning process can be freed from the borders of the classroom & foreign language learning can be turned into a fun activity through authentic readings and listenings.The input coming from these authentic materials can be exploited in the classrooms for writing & speaking in an unplugged way this time. During this process the TPCK of ELT instructors are improving simultaneously.

Q: What did you learn while getting ready for your talk (during reading, researching, putting ideas together…etc.)?

While getting ready for the talk which is based on our experience regarding the use of Twitter in our skill courses, we had the chance to reflect upon our teaching via Twitter. Additionally, we based the subject of our workshop on some theoretical framework (e.g. task-based learning, Willis,1996 & Dogme ELT, Thornbury, 2000) which made us justify our way of teaching by using twitter foer the purpose of facilitating language learning & language teaching.

Q: Do you have any suggested links to the readers of the conference blog about your focus in your workshop?

Some suggested websites & blogs to learn more about our talk are as follows;

Thanks for sharing your ideas Gorsev and Volkan.

Asli Saglam for the Team Roving Reporters


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