Have your Say:

       During the coffee break, a teacher told me that she joined an other IATEFL in London 3 years ago. She can compare this conference with that one and she said she was happy to be here. She thanked the organisers as the organisation was successful and she mentioned that her aim was to get the necessary parts of all the speakers’ ideas. She was ready to get the parts she needed to have. She added that before coming to the conference she did a research about the speakers and was ready to get her needs.

       Nazlı Çalışkan, a lecturer from Adana said everything was perfect. She was planning to join assessment session. Technology is fine, but assessment is traditional. She expected to see some alternatives, new version of assessment.

      Ros Şentürk and Deniz Gormezano share their opinions on Selma Tandoğan’s ‘Old Homework Problems’ workshop. They said it was professional, very useful and the explanation was clear. There were hand-on websites.

      Fatma Yılmaz Eroğlu said Eva shared lots of activities. They were good examples for pre, while and post stages. She showed some projects such as making posters. As she is teaching for 3rd, 4th and 8th grades, Şeyda Benezra’ ‘Flash Flash Flashcards’ workshop helped her create new ideas with flashcards. She was happy to fill in her bag with lots of activities.

     One of the teachers told me that she was working for the Ministry of Education in a primary school, so cell phones,I-pads etc are not allowed. Even the Youtube is officially prohibited, so she would like to see some ideas that could help her much and use technology in different ways.

     Another teacher shared her comment on Ece Sevgi’s ‘Milestones of Pragmatic Competence: Speech Acts.’ It was supported by the video. It would be nice to show the students how meaning was changed depending on the way they say. She thought she could develop materials on this subject.   

Gülnur Şahin for the Roving Reporter Team


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