A Dialogic Debate with or without Technology: Burcu Tezcan Ünal & Devrim Özdemir

Burcu and Devrim had a talk on Dialogic Debate to help teacher development. They said we should create an atmosphere to make debates in the department. Dialogic Debate has the power of talk to stimulate, support and have purposefulness. It has cognitive and social empowerment and it promotes communication besides giving educational reflection. It has stages: These are : Pause and Prompt, Evaluate, Expand and Repeat.  They showed us some examples by using three tasks.

  1. Wh- questions : We can divide the teachers into pairs and give roles to them and we ask them to continue interaction with questions. While they are discussing they will have the chance to discuss the problem.
  2. Ping-pong- Open ended Questions: We could share a problem about teaching in class and ask the teachers to play the ping-pong. They should react one by one like the game. We could also have fun while using this technique.
  3. Sentence Completion: The teachers may discuss teaching issues such as online workbooks. One group may complete the sentence starting with ‘Online books  …..’ The other group may aggree or disagree. This could be done with or without technology.

There is no answer in Dialogic Debate. Actually we don’t need answer. It’s about the process. It is about discovering something.

Devrim was also kind enough to speak with Adam Simpson immediately after his presentation.

Gülnur Şahin for the Roving Reporter Team


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