Lindsay Clandfield’s triangular vision of the contemporary teacher

‘Some teachers have ten years of experience, while others have experienced one year… repeated ten times.’

I’m sure we’ve all heard this refrain used as an example of a teacher trapped in a poor developmental environment. Well, Lindsay challenged the Notion that 10 X 1 years of teaching is even possible. Quoting Duncan Foord, he stated that it is in fact impossible, as you are a different person and a different teacher with each passing year. This led to him looking at the way he has evolved as a user of technology over time and to reflect on how this must inevitably have changed him as a teacher.

Lindsay then charted the progression of the tools we use and reflected on the fact that the emergence of tools such as Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia and even google have entered his life and consequently influenced him as a person.

He charted his progress from someone who downloaded worksheets in the early years of the twenty-first century, to someone who joined discussion groups in 2003, to doing his first online course, to later becoming fully involved in twitter and thinking about how Facebook could be used. He noted that these have seen him develop as a teacher, a writer and especially as a person.

Lindsay finally introduced the idea of the ‘triangle’ to represent 1) the person, 2) the teacher and 3) the language expertise. Depending on which aspect was stronger the shape of the triangle would transform, noting the role of technology in shaping this teacher triangle.

Adam Simpson for the roving reporter team


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