Highlights from Keynote Sessions; “What’s next in my Career as a Teacher?” by Nick Robinson

Being a writer is….

Thinking about the famous writers (Coleridge, Poe, Marlowe, Chatter), yet not being discouraged by their fate (drug addition, alcoholism, getting killed in a fight, suicide- in the specific order)

Considering some easy to read but hard to answer questions involving;

  • Why do you want to write?
  • What are you doing or what have you tried in order to get published?
  • What do you think the experience of writing for a major ELT publisher would be like?

Being a content creator whose brain child may end up variety of mediums including a website or an IPhone application

Reflecting on your creativity and chasing the muse for inspiration by meta-inspirational-analysis of your abilities. You may contemplate on how you channel your creativity, what makes you more creative as well as creativity busters.

 What do course publishing and battlefield have in common?

According to Nick Robinson, technology has shifted paradigms in the publishing world leading to a debate regarding power struggle. Who’s in charge is not clear anymore and Porter’s Five Forces was suggested as a road map to analyse a market.

The Pomodore Technique

Nick introduced The Pomodore Technique to channel one’s concentration span and increase productivity. All you need to do is to allocate a certain time limit when all you do is work. For 25 minutes all distractors, including e-mail, twitter, and Facebook will be off and you will spend your time only to do your work at hand. Then in the following 5 minutes you are allowed to do whatever you want.

It may be worth to give a try (but on the other hand multi-tasking is terribly tempting…)

Suggestions for (future) writers

  • Have scrapbook of cool ideas and inspirational stuff
  • Join the community of linked educators through blogs, twitter and other networks
  • Keep an organised and neat Linked in page
  • Learn to survive criticism because no matter how constructively it’s conveyed it affects people personally
  • Experiment with teaching different ELT books and examine accompanying teachers’ book
  • Reach Nick Robinson at this website

Many thanks go to Nick Robinson for the informative and stimulating session which majorly stated that writing could be another facet of professional development.

Asli Saglam for the Team Roving Reporters


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