Developing in the Social Network – Lindsay Clandfield

Thanks to Lindsay for his talk about teacher development and technology. He agrees Duncan that we are developing, but the question is ‘how are we developing?’ With his speech, we went back to the pre-internet days and remembered how we made our own materials by using pen and paper.

How has the web developed over the past years?

Lindsay said there are three phases: First Phase:The documents link together. Second Phase: It starts by seeing opportunities for interaction with others. Third Phase: Websites are being rebuilt around people and  Social behaviour becomes a key feature.

What kind of triangle are you?

Lindsay defined a language teacher as a triangle:  teacher, person and language. We saw that we could have different triangles. What kind of triangle am I? How would I draw my own triangle? This is a kind of self-assesment question for me as a teacher!

Lindsay mentioned the multiple channels. These are accessing materials, sharing his own material, reflection while writing and asking questions to teachers. These channels help him develop his teaching. One of the teachers at the conference mentioned that he is using the same channels to develop his teaching.

How does social media change us as a person?

Lindsay said that with social network we have friends, and develop our self-esteem. He recommended a book called GROUPED by Paul Adams. We may get ideas from this book to learn how small groups of people influence each other on the web. He, also mentioned the disadvantages of technology. He said we can notice changes in our identity, we may become lonely, impatient and be addicted to technology. He mentioned that Sherry Turkle in Ted talks expresses how she feels lonely because of social networks.

One of the teachers told me that Lindsay helped her activate her schemata. She said she went back to the time when she used a chat room for the first time.

Fethiye Erbil thanks to Lindsay for the good examples, theory, practice, in short the integrated session.

Gülnur Şahin for the Roving Reporter Team


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