Can you define dogme?

IATEFL LT&TD SIG Event started with Scott Thornbury’s talk, called ‘Why dogme is good for you’ and it was a great talk and a great start for a two day conference. It was also full of wonderful reading suggestions for the summer break.

What is dogme? What is the fuss about it?

Some people are for and some are against it.

Is it a new thing? How can everybody be completely in favour of the same thing? We are all humans, we all have different skills and we all have different tendencies (I mean some of us love teaching grammar, some enjoy doing reading and some of us just go with the flow)

I really enjoyed Scott Thornbury’s talk this morning.

I can’t call myself a dogmeist but I love the idea of its capability to challenge the teacher and the learner. I really liked @ theteacherjames’s explanation of how dogme has changed the way he sees his teaching by challenging him to rethink everything,

Scott Thornbury, stating that teaching is a difficult job, pointed out some handy advice.

  1. Don’t complain keep the conversation going
  2. Ask an unscripted question, learn sth from them, and when they speak any grammar focus should emerge from the lesson content
  3. Count something. For example ‘how many times do you ask a real question in that lesson?’  It will guide you.
  4. Write something. Writing lets you step back and think through a problem
  5. Change. Look for the opportunity to change, be willing to recognize the inadequacies in what you do and seek out solutions

The talk didn’t merely aim to describe dogme and suggest ways of using it in the class; it was very successful in terms of making the ones who were unclear or had no ideas about the approach curious about it.

I’m sure most of the participants agreed with him and many of them thought giving it a try and I’m also sure at least a few of them will read more and go with the flow.

Eva Buyuksimkesyan for the roving reporter team.


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